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San Diego Dissertation Clearance: Home

Steps in the San Diego Dissertation Clearance Process

Briefly, the library dissertation clearance process works like this:

  1. Successfully complete the oral defense of your dissertation and make all edits requested by your committee
  2. Print the signature page on cotton paper and have the committee sign
  3. Upload a PDF of your dissertation to the library for review (see below for the link and a video guide). As soon as you upload, library staff are notified that your dissertation is ready for review.
  4. The library will let you know if changes to the format are needed. If they are, make the changes and re-upload. Repeat until all necessary changes have been made and the library approves
  5. Once the library approves the PDF you will be notified that you are now ready to print the dissertation on cotton paper and deliver it to the library, along with:
    1.       The signed signature page
    2.       The signed forms verifying your successful defense
    3.       A check or money order for binding the library copy. Make it out to "Golden Rule Bindery" for $41.00.
  6. When the library receives the hard copy, if all is in order we then notify the registrar that you have successfully completed your dissertation.

Direct all questions to!

Uploading Your Dissertation to Proquest

To upload your dissertation, you follow this link and create a new account.

Once you confirm your new account by email, you'll be ready to upload. Below is a brief video which gives an overview of the upload steps.

Hard Copy Requirements

The following requirements apply to the hard copy of your dissertation:

  1. Paper must be
    1. White
    2. Acid-free
    3. At least 25% cotton
    4. At least 20lb weight
  2. Margins must be
    1. 1.5 inches on the left edge
    2. 1.0 inch on the other three sides
    3. Note that these requirements apply to all pages in the dissertation, including front matter and appendices