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Dissertation & Doctoral Project Formatting & Clearance: Submitting to ProQuest ETD

After you successfully defend your dissertation or doctoral project, what happens? This is a guide to submitting your dissertation or doctoral project for the formatting check and final copy.

What will you be doing once you graduate?

What will you be doing once you graduate?
Stay in the same job I have now, with a higher salary!: 26 votes (17.93%)
Become a professor in a college or university: 9 votes (6.21%)
Work within the justice system: 16 votes (11.03%)
Conduct research in a college or private sector: 5 votes (3.45%)
Counsel primary, secondary, or undergraduate students: 2 votes (1.38%)
Open my own private therapy or consulting practice: 20 votes (13.79%)
Work in another agency's therapy or consulting practice: 20 votes (13.79%)
Work in a hospital: 13 votes (8.97%)
Become an administrator/manager: 6 votes (4.14%)
Work in a government agency: 28 votes (19.31%)
Total Votes: 145

Who to Contact for Help

Louise Colbert-Mar

Vanja Anderson

Erin Draper

Kristen Bahler

Scott Zimmer

Dean Jones


Uploading Your Dissertation to Proquest

To upload your dissertation, you follow this link and create a new account at the ProQuest ETD site. Make sure you use the email you check frequently, since all of your correspondence regarding formatting revisions will go to the email address you use to register.

Once you confirm your new account by email, you'll be ready to upload. Below is a brief video which gives an overview of the upload steps.

Note: Alliant's policy (reaffirmed by the Provost's Council November 2015) is to not allow students to embargo their dissertations, because one of the main purposes of a dissertation is to contribute to the global community of scholars. If a student feels there are extraordinary circumstances necessitating an embargo, then the student must request an exception to this policy by contacting the dean who has oversight of the student's program.

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