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Alternate Link Page

The links on this page are provided for use by those who are experiencing difficulty accessing library databases through the main library page. If you continue to have difficulty or have questions, please contact us using the information at this link:

Alternate Database Links


Database Menu

Database Title

Database URL (proxied)

Ebook Central SSO

OCLC FirstSearch (OCLC IncludeFile updated 20180824)


CiNii Articles

EDGAR (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission)


Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (NDLTD)

Nursing & Allied Health Premium 

Open Access Theses and Dissertations

Social Science Research Network

SPIN (InfoEd Global)

Teaching Channel

Trip Database

World Bank Open Knowledge Repository

Alexander Street Press (OCLC IncludeFile updated 20210805)

Alexander Street

Alexander Street Video (OCLC IncludeFile updated 20201117)

Annual Reviews (OCLC IncludeFile updated 20211214)

APA PsycNET (OCLC IncludeFile updated 20240229)

Academic Writer (IncludeFile updated 20211026)

EBSCOhost (OCLC IncludeFile updated 20240320)

ERIC (OCLC IncludeFile updated 20230512)

Google Scholar (Updated 20221007)

ICE Learning Center (OCLC IncludeFile updated 20210809)

JSTOR (updated 20221013)


Nexis Uni (OCLC IncludeFile updated 20220715)

Ovid HTTPS (OCLC IncludeFile updated 20230612)

ProQuest (updated 20220804)

PsychiatryOnline (American Journal of Psychiatry)

PubMed (updated 20211130)

Thomson Reuters Checkpoint Edge (OCLC IncludeFile updated 20210902)

Checkpoint Tax Research Student Account (OCLC IncludeFile updated 20210902)

ScienceDirect (Updated 20230125)

Scopus (updated 20230911)

SpringerLink (Updated OCLC IncludeFile 20230502)

Springer Nature Experiments (Updated OCLC IncludeFile 20230502)

Nature Publishing (Updated OCLC IncludeFile 20230502)

Springer Protocols (Updated OCLC IncludeFile 20230502)

WestlawNext Campus Research (OCLC IncludeFile updated 20200731)

Westlaw (OCLC IncludeFile updated 20211026)