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Searching Case Law with LexisNexis: Searching for Federal and State Cases

Need to do legal research and stumped by LexisNexis? This LibGuide is for you!

Searching Federal and State Cases

Using the "Look up a Legal Case" gray box is a quick way to locate case law.  However, it does not allow for full-text searching.  Choosing to search the Federal & State Cases allows you to conduct full-text searching by state and federal jurisdictions as well as in all 13 circuit courts. To use this search, choose the Federal and State Cases option located just above Landmark Cases:



Advanced Search Options

Click the "Advanced Options" button below the search bar to reveal a large menu filled with ways to refine your search:


The most complicated option here is Build Your Own Segment Search. You can use this to search names and dates in various ways. For example, you might search “smith w/5 taylor"

What does this search query mean? LexisNexis allows you to search keywords up to 255 words away from one another regardless of order. Indicating “smith w/5 taylor” searches these two keywords within 5 words of one another.