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Educational Research/Shawn Nunnally: Google Scholar

Library course guide for master's level course in educational research.

Searching with Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a great resource for searching what's out in the world as well as Alliant's databases. Watch the tutorial and then try this sample search:

selective AND mutism AND children


"selective mutism" AND children

Why did I put the ANDs between my search terms, you ask? Google recognizes what's called Boolean searching connectors (AND, OR, NOT). In order for Google to recognize the search, however, you need to put the connectors in, in all caps.

Click here for a quick tutorial on using Boolean operators.

Google Scholar Search

Google Scholar tutorial (created by Riverpoint Library)

This video will help you set up and search in Google Scholar.

Tracking your citations in Google Scholar (created by Dowling College Library)

Another helpful video on actually tracking articles you write that appear in Google Scholar.

Subject Guide

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