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Order an article not found in the databases using ArticleReach Direct Catalog: Home


  1. From the library home page ( click on Databases in the upper left of the page.
  2. In the list of databases, choose ArticleReach Direct Catalog.
  3. We changed the location of the link to the ArticleReach DIrect Catalog. To find it, on the home page look along the left and click on Interlibrary Loan, under "Services." The last bullet point under the first section includes the link ("Check to see if the journal you need is available through ArticleReach, for faster service!")
  4. Type in the name of the journal from the citation and search.
  5. If the journal is not found (an uncommon occurrence), you will need to instead order it through interlibrary loan at this link: .
  6. If the title is found, click on it.
    1. If the title comes more than once, click on each occurrence.
    2. The next screen after clicking on each occurrence will say "X ArticleReach libraries have this item"
    3. Use the occurrence that has the highest number (X) - if more libraries have this version of the journal, then your request will be more likely to be filled.
  7. At the next screen, click Request Article.
  8. Type the citation information into the form. When finished, click Submit.

Ordering an article not found in databases

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