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The Job Hunt: The Job Hunt!

A quick guide on where and how to connect to jobs within your field after you graduate.

Psychology Association Job Boards

Psychology Listservs & Forums

Listservs and forums are great ways to see what new job opportunities are out there.  They're also great ways to keep up-to-date on what other professionals in your field are discussing as well as a great way to connect and network.  Please use these with professional discretion.

Staffing Agencies

Sometimes, you just need a middleman or woman.


Orignal author: Sherry Youssef | Maintained by: Robin Schiff

Welcome to "The Job Hunt" LibGuide.  This guide is meant to assist you with your online job search.  It will provide you with lists of different sites, wikis, books, and tips on how to locate job opportunities within your field.  It'll even demonstrate how to use social networking to your advantage.

Good luck with your research!

Wikis, Postdocs, and Career Boards

General Job Boards

A job search database does not have to be specialized in order to land the job of your dreams.  Search through these popular job search engines in addition to the all the ones listed on this page.

Subject Guide

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Scott Zimmer

Suggested Reading - Books

Suggested Reading: Articles