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Dissertation & Doctoral Project Formatting & Clearance: Editors

After you successfully defend your dissertation or doctoral project, what happens? This is a guide to submitting your dissertation or doctoral project for the formatting check and final copy.


Unless officially required by your program, the use of dissertation editors is entirely the option of the student, Alliant does not officially recommend or sponsor any particular dissertation editor.  This list was compiled based on suggestions from former students; Alliant claims no knowledge of the effectiveness of any editor. It is ultimately the responsibility of the student who decides to work with an editor to ensure that that editor is competent, and aware of APA and Alliant style guide standards.  Neither the Alliant Library nor Alliant International University will be responsible for any dissatisfaction a student might have with an editor, whether issues are content related, monetary, or otherwise.

If you could do one thing differently, what would you do?

If you could do one thing differently, what would you do?
Select a different field: 2 votes (2.11%)
Select a different advisor: 14 votes (14.74%)
Select a different university: 49 votes (51.58%)
Select a different dissertation topic: 9 votes (9.47%)
Take time off before starting graduate school: 4 votes (4.21%)
Not have taken time off before starting graduate school: 11 votes (11.58%)
Not go to graduate school: 6 votes (6.32%)
Total Votes: 95

San Diego Editors

Polished Editing
Dissertation, Thesis, Manuscript Editing & Translation Services.
Contact Angela at:

Margaret Carr –

Los Angeles Editors

Editors listed are independent consultants.  Alliant International University is not liable for outside editor services.  Rates are subject to change; please contact editors directly for current rates.


The Mighty Pen Editing & Research Services / (626) 656-3593 /

Specializes in formatting dissertations and doctoral projects, offers two service levels:

Editing for structure, grammar, and content (includes formatting), 3 pg/hour @ $40/hr

APA Formatting for Alliant program requirements (CSPP, CSFS, HSOE, OP), 10 pg/hour @ $40/hr

$40/hr for regular service time (4-5 business days) $70/hr for rush and/or weekend service

Free estimate upon request


Sharon Lynn Bear, Ph.D.

32 years of experience in editing of proposals, research papers, journal articles, and books; 

Contact for a free estimate; $105 for the initial hour (a one-time-only fee) and $75 an hour thereafter.

Dissertation/proposal editing, including sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, conformance to APA, Alliant, and CSPP standards; formatting of tables.


Rebekka Helford
310-927-3957 cell

Rate is $125/hr, 15-35 pages of text per hour, depending on the amount and type of edits needed

Editing and cross-checking approximately 10 pages of references per hour

Editing for text (grammar, spelling, syntax, punctuation, clarity, cohesion, etc.), 6th edition APA style (references, citations, levels of heading), and Alliant-specific formatting requirements

Edits made using MS Word's reviewing function

Free estimates provided: I require a sample of the writing (best if from the literature review), an approximate page count (text only), and the reference list

Generally need at least 1 week lead time, 2 in peak seasons


Alise Cogger, PhD


PhD in Counseling, Clinical, & School Psychology

Editing for structure, spelling, grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, content, consistency and clarity, as well as APA 7th edition and Alliant formatting.

$99 for the first hour (one-time charge), $75/hour for each subsequent hour.

Contact for free estimate. Please submit a 3-page sample, approximate page count, timeframe, and type of editing you need.

Wood Editing Services+
(909) 624-2068

Dissertation formatting, tailored to school guidelines. Expertise in APA, Turabian, MLA, etc.

Editing for grammar, punctuation, spelling, subject/verb agreement, usage, etc. Does not rewrite or offer content input.

$55/hour for editing; free estimate upon request

Turnaround time depends on current workload and student response to questions

Requires contract to be signed prior to commencement of work

Requires deposit of $550, applied to first 10 hours of work. Payable by check, money order, or PayPal (credit cards)


Grace Hazeltine


$75/hr for content consultations; $50/hr for APA+Alliant formatting

Current CSPP/Alliant PhD Student (successfully defended dissertation in May of 2019). Familiar with school policies, procedures, and resources as well as desired formats and components for PsyD and PhD dissertations. Will think with you about your project and teach you what I know about research design and academic writing. Committed to seeing you complete the dissertation process successfully

Irvine Editors

Sharon Lynn Bear, Ph.D. Bear's Research, Writing & Editing Service

Janice J. Baskin Director, Graduate Publications 626-815-6000 ext. 3274

Stephanie Miyake Azusa Pacific University (~$40/hr)       

Phyllis J. Parmet Thesis/Dissertation Editor Los Alamitos, Ca. 562-430-6945

The Write Quill - Susanne Strauss, MSW OR 714-996-3941

The Mighty Pen Editing & Research Services / (626) 656-3593 /


Fresno/Sacramento Editors

Mary Jane Cavanaugh

Linda Weller

Cambridge Professional Editing Service 

Suk Brar


San Francisco Editors


Transcription, Fast!

Carol Guariglia


Dr. Becca Barnett

Dr. Melba L. Garland

Dr. Melissa Guariglia

Sidney Hollister

Elitza Kotzeva


Dr. Lina Weissman

Dr. Paul Weisser

Dr. Darcy Crosman /

Mary Jane Cavenaugh 


Dr. Aurora Chang Consulting

Dr. Darcy Crosman /

Editors listed are independent consultants.  Alliant International University is not liable for outside editor services.

Rates are subject to change; please contact editors directly for current rates.