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I Can PsycINFO (And So Can You!): Results, Results, Results!

This research guide will assist students locate relevant articles on their topic using the EBSCOhost PsycINFO Database & will focus on searching strategies using keywords as well as how to locate controlled language using the Thesaurus.

The Sources of Your Information

So you've refined your results and notice that its peppered with books and dissertations, but you're only interested in articles.

REFINE.  That's right, there's a limiter for sources as well.

You can limit your results by Journals (for articles), Books/Chapters, Dissertations, eBooks, etc.

Checking one of these boxes will create a new result list containing only the source type you specified.

Results, Let's Refine 'em

Alright, so you've used every trick and method in the book, and now you have a result set of overwheming proportions.  What's a student to do?


That's right.  Not every article is the one for you, and in order to save you lots of time and energy, PsycINFO has given you some options.  Options are good, but use them wisely.

Here are the ways to comb out the duds (for your particular research, that is) and find those pearls.


Clicking on Show More will display the Search Options panel:

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