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Organizing Your Research: Mendeley

This guide provides an overview for organizing your research using the bibliographic reference tools EndNote and Refworks in addition to a detailed how-to guide on Mendeley and Zotero.




  • Cross-platform: Mendeley Desktop has full support for Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • Secure backup: Any documents synced in the desktop client will be backed up on the web.
  • Mobile devices: Read papers anywhere with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.
  • Install on multiple computers: Install Mendeley on multiple computers and access your entire library.


  • Full text search: Mendeley Desktop creates a fully searchable database of your papers.
  • Automatic metadata extraction: Mendeley automatically extracts metadata from the papers you import.
  • Highlight and annotate: Organize your own notes and highlights and share them with others.
  • Flexible organization: Groups, tags, and filters let you organise your way.


  • Research collaboration: Use research groups to collaborate with your peers and colleagues.
  • Trends and statistics: Get real-time readership statistics and view trends in your research area.
  • Track your own publications: Find out how many people are reading and downloading your own research.
  • Related research: Get personalized suggestions on interesting papers to read.


  • Microsoft Word / Open Office: Our plugins let you easily insert bibliographies into your documents.
  • BibTeX / Endnote / RIS: Mendeley Desktop can import and export all these formats and more.
  • Zotero / CiteULike: Mendeley Desktop can sync with your Zotero or CiteULike libraries.
  • Mendeley API: Our API allows 3rd parties to build applications using Mendeley's data.

(from Mendeley's Features page)


Mendeley is a London-based company that provides a free citation management software.  Mendeley promotes collaborative work through an academic social network and weaves itself into the research process. As an integrated research tool that moves beyond simply organizng citations, Mendeley is considered the next generation of management tools. 

Using Mendeley, you can:

  • Download a standalone desktop application onto multiple computers and sync your library to its web-based component compatible across all browser platforms. 
  • Use its drag-and-drop technology with a comprehensive PDF management system that enables easy indexing and management of references and sources. 
  • Download the Web Importer, a bookmarklet that imports website metadata and takes snapshots for future annotation.
  • Take advantage of the Cite This Document feature that inserts formatted citations into any text editor including Microsoft Word, Google Docs, LaTex, blogs and emails.
  • Organize and annotate research on the go with Mendeley's app for iPhone and iPad.
  • Watch research trends.
  • Create and join groups, public or private, for research collaboration.
  • Open multiple PDFs within a single application that are navigable by tab and accessible for highlighting and annotation.


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