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APA (7th ed.), Citation Style: Who (Author)

Common Examples

Building the WHO portion of the citation involves identifying the author(s).  Here are some common examples of different elements of WHO.

Elements of WHO

APA Sources


Group Author - APA, p. 204, #27
Corporate Author; Task Force Report - APA, p. 206, #32
Nongovernment Agencies - APA, p. 209, #33
Institutional Archive – APA, p. 206, #34



APA, p. 176-177 (Offers a great table on author formatting; Table 6.1)
APA, pp. 184, Section 6.27


See Table 6.1 (p. 177)

One author, two publications in same year

When two articles by the same author are published in the same year, arrange them alphabetically by title and add ‘a’ and ‘b’ after the publication year so the articles can be differentiated in text citations. If the titles also happen to be identical, then arrange them chronologically by issue number. For example, (Poe, 2009a, 2009b)


See Table 6.1 (p. 177)


See Table 6.1 (p. 177)


See Table 6.1 (p. 177)


See Table 6.1 (p. 177)

More than seven

See Table 6.1 (p. 177)

Author - anonymous

If an author cannot be identified, use “Anonymous” only if the work is signed as thus.  If there is no author cited and the work has not been signed as “Anonymous,” move the title to the author position, and alphabetize by the first word of the title. APA, p. 183, Section 6.25

Authors with same surname

APA, p. 176, Section 6.14

Author - not sure but reasonably sure

APA, p. 214, #67

Author's name in another alphabet

APA Style Blog

General reference to cultural icons

References to cultural icons do not need to be cited in the Reference List.

Author as publisher      

APA, p. 203: When the author is also the publisher, use Author as the name of the publisher.

Author not certain

APA Style Blog


APA, p. 23, 2.02


APA, p. 184, Section 6.27


APA, p. 204, #22-23, #27

Editorial, no signature

APA, p. 201, #14

Editorial board

APA, p. 184, Section 6.27

Group name on Facebook

APA Style Blog

Hyphenated initials

APA, p. 184, Section 6.27

In place of author

APA, p. 204, #22-23, #27

Lead author

APA, p. 184, Section 6.27 

Of proceedings

APA, pp. 206 – 207, Section 7.04

Screen name (for online communications)

APA Style Blog

APA Style Blog


APA, p. 204, #24

Suffixes (Jr., III)

APA, p. 184, Section 6.27
APA, p. 204, #24

Surnames, two authors with same

APA, p. 176, Section 6.14

Translated, edited work

APA, p. 204, #26