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Searching Case Law with LexisNexis: Getting Started

Need to do legal research and stumped by LexisNexis? This LibGuide is for you!

Let's Get Started

So you want to research some case law, but don’t know how?  Well, you’re starting in the right place.  In this guide, you'll learn all the ways to search for case law using the discovery service LexisNexis.  By the end of it, you’ll be a pro!

Ready? Let’s jump into searching.

First things first: Here’s how to access LexisNexis through Alliant Library’s website located at

On the Alliant Library homepage, click on the ‘Databases’ link found under the ‘Research’ section.  This will direct you to the List of Research Databases.  Scroll down this list to find the LexisNexis Academic link. 

Click on it yet? Great, we’re in!

Subject Guide

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