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Searching Case Law with LexisNexis: Searching for Landmark Cases

Need to do legal research and stumped by LexisNexis? This LibGuide is for you!

Roe v Wade and Other Popular Cases

Scenario: You’re looking for a popular case, such as Roe v. Wade.  You’ve typed in the party names but your result set is so large that you can’t identify which is the correct case.  Roe v. Wade retrieves 30 Cases! 




Roe v. Wade is a popular case.  It shouldn’t be that difficult to locate, right?  Exactly.  LexisNexis understands this and has created a section specifically for Landmark Cases.  Let’s go back to the main page.  In the top right, click "Search by Content Type."



Choose Landmark Cases from the Legal section and you will be presented with a list of landmark cases under various topics. Roe V. Wade is, logically, listed under "Abortion & Birth Control."