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Alliant Library: Study Rooms

Study Rooms


Rooms Available for Group Study Sessions


Los Angeles

San Diego

San Francisco

The study rooms at the library are for the use of all currently enrolled students, faculty and staff.

Fresno Conference Rooms

  • Three group study rooms available.
  • These rooms are for the use of Alliant Students, Faculty and Staff.
  • Please use the schedule on the door to sign up for the period of time (up to 4 hours) that you will be there - whether you will use the room immediately or in the future. To sign up by phone, call 559-253-2265.
  • If no one is waiting to use the room after your 4 hours, you may sign up for additional time.
  • If you have signed up, but don't arrive within 1/2 hour of your arrival time, the room may be used by another.
  • If someone is in the room, but they have not signed up, you may ask them how long they will be there, and sign up to use it after them.
  • Please keep the noise level down, as there may be therapy sessions going on beyond the paper thin walls.

Los Angles Group Study Rooms

  • Four study rooms are available for group or individual study.
  • You may be able to book these rooms in advance if necessary, but normally they are available only on a first-come first-served basis.
  • The library staff will check with reception to find you an empty classroom for your small group study session.
  • Carrels are available at the back of the library for individual private study.

San Diego Group Study Rooms

Instructions for reserving a room can be found here.

San Franciso Group Study Rooms

  • Three study rooms are available for group study, two of which may be reserved in advance.
  • Reserve a room by signing up on the calender next to the study room door.


If you need more information, contact the following for each location.