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Assessment Material

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Assessment Materials and Classes

Faculty members teaching assessment courses that require tests and protocols need to submit requests to their library location before the start of the semester. Submission dates vary from two weeks to two months depending on location.

Important Note: Assessment forms are protected by copyright, and may not be photocopied or reproduced. The only exception is the copying of a completed form for the purpose of conveying a client’s records to another qualified professional. If you need more forms, please have your professor contact your library assessment liaison.

Lost or missing assessment material is billed to the library account on which the material was checked out. If you are a faculty member with checked out assessment materials, we strongly suggest that you keep track of which test and what copy has been given to which student. You may choose to use a log including the student name, test and barcode and/or copy. Test Tracking Sheet Example (PDF). If you can provide the student information when a test hasn't been returned at the end of the session, then we will charge the student directly instead of your department.