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Library FAQs: Library Login FAQs

Frequently asked questions and answers for my library account, library materials, notices and assessment materials.

Library Login FAQs

How do I log in to use the research databases?

  • Select Databases from the library home page.
  • Click on the database you would like to search.
  • When prompted, enter your name (first name last name). If the system does not accept your name, try typing in your last name only.
  • Enter your six-digit University ID number or 14-digit barcode from your current Alliant ID, without using spaces or hyphens. 
  • Note: If your ID number doesn't work and your barcode does, please contact the library to have your account updated to be used with your ID number.

I've entered in my name, but it doesn't seem to work.
Have you changed your name since the card was issued? If so, contact your local Alliant library to determine how your name has been entered into the system. Try just using your last or family name only.

I can't access library resources just using my ID number -- Do I need the 14-digit barcode to access the databases?

If you have a current user account with your ID number entered properly in your user account, then you should be able to access the databases without the 14-digit barcode.  If you can log into "My Library Account" then your account is set up properly. 

I used the research databases just last week and now they don't work for me.
Your account may have expired or your patron information may have been changed. Ask your local Alliant library to check your patron account. If you are still getting an error message try deleting the “cookies” and “search history” under your browser’s options.

How do I activate the barcode on the front of my Alliant ID card?
Either contact your library location or fill out the online activation form. Activation will take 24-48 hours if you submit the form online.

How do I get an Alliant ID card with barcode?
An Alliant ID card may be obtained by visiting your home campus ID card location.

It says my validation has expired.
If you are using Internet Explorer and a message says that validation has expired, call your local library and see if your account has expired. If it has not expired, then disable Content Advisor (Tools, Internet Options, Content. If Settings is grayed out, Content Advisor is not enabled) Enable the Content Advisor when you are finished.

One database won't connect when other databases do.
Some databases have a second window which pops up. Turn off pop-up blocker for this one session. Or, use this suggestion from a student: If you're running Norton Anti-virus, go to Norton Anti-virus internet security and turn off its’ "add blocker." Then the site will come up.

I'm getting a "session cookie" error.
Session cookies are needed to facilitate site navigation. You must have your browser set to accept cookies. Another solution is to set your Internet Option regarding privacy to a lower level.

I can't access my library account, the catalog, or the databases.

  • Clear history and cookies from your browser.
  • Switch browsers.

The system asks for a login or password even after I've typed in my name and 14-digit barcode.

Check that you have enabled cookies (for this session). Make sure that you are accessing online content through the library website (, and not through a non-library webpage or search engine (Google, Yahoo).

For Safari and Mac Users:
Go to Preferences and Security. Enable all cookies. Do not enable cookies only from sites you navigate to. You may want to download and use Mozilla Firefox if you appear to have trouble with using Safari.

I'm having trouble viewing the library pages in my internet browser.
Try another browser like Mozilla’s Foxfire or Chrome.

Wrong PDF downloaded from Ebsco Database.

If you find that the wrong article opens when you download a PDF you might need to clear your search history. As you visit webpages, you browser remembers where you went so it can load pages faster. However it can point to older versions of pages which may cause problems. It is good to clear your cache on occasion.

In order to clear the cache on Mozilla Firefox, you do the following

  1. Open Firefox
  2. Click on Tools
  3. Click on Clear Recent History
  4. Make sure you only have Cache checked so you do not lose passwords you have saved within Firefox
  5. Select the time period... I would suggest choosing everything if you have not done it before

This will empty the Cache.

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