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Assessment Information Hub: ASEBA




  1. The login page for ASEBA-Web is
  2. ASEBA-Web does not contain test manuals. ASEBA-Web users can score online by entering data through their browser, or can print answer sheets for manual entry of information.
  3. ASEBA has a Quick Start Guide as well as the ASEBA-Web Manual available for users learning the system.
  4. ASEBA-Web uses a system of scoring tokens that must be purchased by the library. These tokens are expended as users score tests and print forms.
  5. Instructors should inform that they need an ASEBA-Web login, and how many scoring tokens their class will need. The library will create an account for the instructor, which can be shared by students in the class, and will confirm that the necessary tokens are available.
  6. Remember that each scoring and each printing of a form consumes a token.


  1. Create an account for the instructor.
  2. Confirm that the necessary tokens are available.