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Assessment Information Hub: WPS



  1. The testing platform is located here:
  2. The WPS User Guide can be accessed on their site, or by using this link.
  3. WPS Online allows administration and scoring of tests. Access to test manuals is not included. Online manuals are available for individuals to purchase, but WPS licensing does not allow the purchase of manuals for sharing among a class.
  4. WPS requires that users register themselves. Instructors should send a list of student names to, and then inform students that they need to go to this registration link to create their accounts: When a new user registers, the library is notified and must approve the account. If the new user is on the list provided by the instructor, the account will be approved.
  5. During the registration process, users should say “Yes” to the question, “Are you part of an organization,” and should specify “Alliant International University” in the dropdown menu.

  1. Instructors should send to the names of the WPS tests students need to use, and the names and quantities of forms each student needs. The library will then purchase the necessary scorings and assign them to students.