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Assessment Information Hub: R-PAS



  1. The instructor creates a teaching account at R-PAS - Register. Most instructors will want to create an “Approved Teaching Account,” while those at clinics should create a “Standard Clinical Account.”
  2. The instructor informs the library ( how many Approved Teaching Account Protocols the class will need (e.g. if a class of 10 students requires each student to give the test twice, then 20 protocols are needed).
  3. The instructor provides the library with their username and password for RPAS. The library uses this to login to the account and make purchase the necessary number of protocols. When the purchase is complete, the library notifies the instructor, who can then change their password.
  4. The instructor can then create subaccounts for the students and assign protocols to each subaccount from the pool of protocols that was purchased.
  5. Technical issues with the system can be reported to RPAS by calling 567-316-0056 or by sending a message at


  1. The library assists with purchasing online scorings/protocols, as described above.