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Assessment Information Hub: Pearson Q-global

Pearson Q-global


  1. Enable Access to Pearson Discounts: Register for TPP (Pearson’s discount program for education) at
    1. This registration is good for one year, and allows you to apply for and receive Pearson’s various educational discount options.
    2. Without having a current TPP on file, you cannot complete the steps below.
  2. Receive Access to Test Manuals and Stim Books on Qglobal: Then, fill out the DALU PDF and send it to
    1. DALU is the program that gives an instructor and their class access to test manuals and stim books through Qglobal.
    2. Once Pearson approves the DALU application, the instructor receives their DALU login. After logging in, they can create subaccounts for their students. These subaccounts will have access to test manuals and stim books.
  3. Obtain Free Scorings for Some Tests: Pearson offers classpacks of test scorings. Each pack contains a different group of tests (below). After you receive a classpack, each student in your class will have two free scorings of the tests in that classpack.
    1. To receive access, first check the FAQ links below to see which packs contain the tests you want.
    2. Then, fill out and submit the Roster for each of those packs.
    3. Course Packs:
      1. Clinical assessment tools  
        1. FAQs (PDF | 1.08 MB)
        2. Roster (PDF | 609 KB)
      2. Occupational Therapy & Physical Therapy assessment tools
        1. FAQs (PDF | 1.11 MB)
        2. Roster (PDF | 242.66 KB)
      3. School Psychology assessment tools
        1. FAQs (PDF | 536.71 KB)
        2. Roster (PDF | 445.5 KB)
      4. Social Work assessment tools
        1. FAQs (PDF | 539.25 KB)
        2. Roster (PDF | 238.96 KB)
      5. Speech & Language assessment tools
        1. FAQs (PDF | 1.43 MB)
        2. Roster (PDF | 409.45 KB)
  4. Request Purchase of Scorings Not Included in Any Course Pack. Instructors wanting students to score tests not included in any of the course packs should email the test name, the name of the score report needed (if there are multiple types of report), and the quantity of scorings needed. If the instructor has set up a DALU account, include that account number so the purchased scorings can be added to it.