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Assessment Information Hub: PAR iConnect

PAR iConnect


  1. The platform is located at
  2. Par iConnect does not contain digital versions of test kits or test manuals, nor does it offer test answer sheets for downloading or printing. Par iConnect uses a system of scoring tokens that must be purchased. Each time a Clinician enters Client data and generates a score report, a token is expended.
  3. The library creates Clinician accounts at the request of assessment instructors.
    1. There can be one account/login shared by the whole class, or accounts/logins can be created for each student. The instructor informs the library which option they prefer.
    2. If individual student accounts are requested, the instructor sends a list of student names and email addresses to The list should be a .CSV file, with the contents formatted as shown here below. This template is available.

  1. The instructor sends to the names of each Par iConnect test students are required to use, and the total number of scorings each student must complete for each test.
  2. As soon as PariConnect accounts are created, new users receive an activation message similar to the following. If this is not received, check the spam/junk folder in case the message went there.

Dear *****,

You are receiving this e-mail because ******** has provided us with your information and permission for you to use the PARiConnect Web site. PARiConnect is an online assessment platform that allows for test scoring, administration, and report generation for many popular PAR instruments.

To confirm your account status, please click the one-time link below to create a password and begin using PARiConnect.

**Note: If you receive an error when accessing this link, you may have already accepted this invitation and established a password. If you forgot your password, please access, choose "Sign in", then click the "Forgot password?" link.

Your access to various functions within the site is controlled by the Account Manager who invited you. You will have access only to the functions that RONALD STOLBERG has indicated are appropriate. To request changes to any of these settings, please contact the Account Manager directly.

Please bookmark the PARiConnect homepage ( and visit us regularly to find out what’s new.

To learn more about PAR’s commitment to unparalleled Customer Support, please visit

Best regards,

PAR Customer Support

Reach us toll-free at 855.856.4266,
Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.–6:30 p.m. (U.S. EST),
Or e-mail us anytime at