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Assessment Information Hub: Mindgarden



  1. The MindGarden Transform platform login page is located here:
  2. There is a helpful FAQ available here:
  3. Three different approaches are available for purchase:
    1. License to Reproduce – Users purchase the right to make a specified number of printed copies of the assessment, within a specified period, such as 50 copies within three years. The user then recieves the PDF answer sheet for printing, distributing, and hand scoring.
    2. Remote Online License – Users purchase the right to give an assessment online, on a platform of their choosing such as SurveyMonkey. Note that this requires the user to retype the assessment questions into the new platform.
    3. Transform Survey Hosting – Users purchase the ability to administer & score tests online, using the Transform platform.
  4. Instructors wishing to use test(s) from MindGarden should contact Indicate which test(s) are needed, which of the three approaches is desired, and how many scorings are needed.