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Assessment Information Hub: MHS



  1. The MHS assessment platform is found at The online platform does not include test manuals or test kits. It allows users to print forms for manual entry, or to enter responses online.
  2. Instructors send to a list of the students who should have accounts created. The list should use this template to provide first name, last name, and Alliant email address.
  3. Instructors inform which tests students need access to, and how many scorings of each test each student is required to complete.
  4. As soon as accounts are created, users receive an email similar to the one pictured below. If the message is not received, check the spam/junk folder before contacting for assistance.
  5. Instructors contact if they need either
    1. To pick up one copy of a test kit to use in demonstration, or
    2. To arrange for one copy of the test kit for every three students in the course (the standard test distribution ratio used at Alliant) to be made available for students to pick up.